How to choose a towel for children

Contact baby tender little face not only mother’s hand.

Bath towel, face towel, small square towel as the baby’s close contact with the items, more mothers need to select carefully.

Which 3 points should darling see emphatically with towel?

1.Look at the moisture absorption of the towel
For a long time, parents have put their attention on the baby after washing the face or taking a bath, the need to wipe the excess water as soon as possible.
When choosing towel/bath towel materials for children, it is best to choose soft, absorbent and naturally compatible materials to reduce the risk of allergies.

2.Look for faded towels
Dark towel due to a large number of hydrolytic dye adsorption on the fiber, so the first time there will be decolorization phenomenon.
When the baby uses this towel, the child’s skin is more delicate, the dye will be transferred to the baby’s skin indirectly, which is not conducive to the baby’s health.

3.Look at the moisture absorption of the towel
First, directly touch the towel with your hand to feel comfortable, because the baby’s skin is too delicate, the material is rough and the contact surface is obviously uncomfortable towel will directly hurt the baby’s skin, easy to be attacked by bacteria.
I believe that the vast majority of mothers will choose pure cotton towel, a key characteristic is also its water absorption capacity, water absorption is strong enough, can quickly absorb the baby’s skin water, prevent a fever and cold, but also immediately heat insulation, and other raw materials can not be compared.
The quality of our lives is defined not by what is expensive but by what is everyday. Towel, close with our skin, get along day and night, to its choice, should be careful and picky!


Post time: Mar-11-2022